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Seeking new works for countertenor for an upcoming solo recital in September, 2019 in Sacramento, CA.

Works for:
--unaccompanied solo countertenor
--countertenor + electronics (fixed media or live processing)
--countertenor + piano

Pieces will also be considered that use obbligato or small ensemble, any combination of the following:
flute, clarinet (Bb or Bass), sax (any), horn, trombone (tenor or bass), tuba/euphonium, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, acoustic/electric guitar, 2 percussionists

Pieces that include the following are HIGHLY encouraged: electronics, extended techniques, text-based pieces, improvisation, theatricality, multimedia (including projections), video, LGBTQ themes

All pieces will be professionally recorded. Each composer will be sent a video of the live concert and a high quality mp3 studio recording.

Pieces not selected for the September concert may be concertized at a later date. Composers will be notified of decisions mid-July.

All selected composers shall receive a small honorarium of $50.00.

Composers are highly encouraged to attend the concert(s) on which their works appear. However, at this time we cannot subsidize their travel, but housing options may be available.

C4 to C6; baritone/tenor range down to C3 (switch between head and chest voice happens around C4; can sing in tenor up to C5). Fach: similar to lyric mezzo or lyric soprano. Voice really shines in the mid, not as powerful in the low (without switching to chest voice). Very powerful upper extension to high C. Very comforable with registral shifts across the range; limited coloratura. Quiet dynamics more difficult above E5, almost impossible above G5. Straight tone sounds best in the mid.

For a more detailed exploration of my range: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOZW51SEXbo&feature=youtu.be

Examples of my singing can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/user-673428654

or https://www.andrewjleggett.com/media

--Please submit BOTH a pdf of your score AND a recording/midi mockup in mp3 format to spectravoxensemble@gmail.com. Electronics should be submitted separately as an mp3. If using live processing, please list specifications at the beginning of your score.
--If selected, you will be required to submit a bio and program notes.
--pay the 10.00 entry fee via PayPal. All funds go towards concert/recording fees. If the e-mail associated with your PayPal is different that that used for submission, please e-mail receipt to spectravoxensemble@gmail.com.

Deadline: 15 Jul 2019

Entry Fee: 10.00

Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)

Web site: https://wordpress.com/view/spectravoxensemble.wordpress.com