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Upcoming Performances

New Works for Countertenor

Sacramento, CA (venue TBD)

September, 2019

Past Performances

Jersy Vazquez: Senior Recital
--"Tezcatlipoca Negro"
for Flute, String Quartet and Electronics
Kylie Briggs: Senior Recital
--"Three Prayers for the Dead"
for Soprano, Female Chorus and Orchestra
(alto singer)
Sebastian Gallarzo: Senior Recital
--"The Cult"
for Soprano, Countertenor, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, 2 Percussionists, Organ and 3 Actors
Serse, George Friedirich Haendel
Elviro (bass-baritone)
Oregon Bach Festival, Composer's Symposium
It Happens, Andrew J. Leggett
for Countertenor and Piano
Both/And, Sarah Grace Graves
for Soprano, Countertenor and 2 Percussionists
Paper Airplanes, Robin Maclaughin
for String Quartet
New Directions Composers's Concert
Dew shall wet his lips with light . . ., Andrew J. Leggett
for String Quartet
The Stoned Guest, P.D.Q. Bach
Don Octave (bargain countertenor)
CSU: Northridge
CSU: Northridge
CSU: Northridge
CSU: Northridge
University of Oregon (Eugene)
CSU: Northridge
Independent Oper Company
(Santa Monica)
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